‘Best Laid Plans’ Fail As L.A. Police Net Felon After Brazen, Yet Idiotic Act

Cops may still make pot-related arrests in California if the law is broken.

We are hardly into 2018 and already, even though it is but the 3rd of January, a candidate for dumbest criminal of the year has been found. As a matter of fact, there are so many dunce cap worthy offenses racked onto Chris Meng Lee in California that it is hard to pinpoint them all.

To begin with, as MSN News reports, the “Redding resident is behind bars after allegedly illegally parking next to two uniformed police officers, then asking them how to get to the site of a planned drug deal.” That is right, they were standing right in their cop outfits and Lee had no qualms about asking for help to buy illegal drugs.

The man, driving a black SUV, parked the vehicle in a red curbed fire lane when he made did so, thus adding to his seemingly limitless folly. The 40-year-old then strolled right up to the watching officers who were sitting inside of their cars and asked for directions to a mobile home of “two streets that don’t intersect.”

Now that weed is legal in California, many

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