Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Why would any white parent want their kids to be forced to choose between being Eminem and being the target of black-on-white hatred?

The current generation of evangelical leaders is growing a crop of self-hating, America-loathing whites and coddled, angry blacks. It’s not hyperbole, it’s fact demonstrated in the high-and-mighty way black Reformed thinker Anthony Bradley treats his white skeptics. Even when they’re not race realists, Bradley treats white skeptics as if they’re straight outta Hell.

Look at this exchange regarding his favorite book of 2017, Doctrine and Race, written by rainbow flag-waving, self-proclaimed “Nasty Woman,” Mary Beth Mathews.

Anthony B. Bradley, PhD: [yes, he really refers to himself on Facebook by his academic credentials]

I can’t imagine why anyone white would proudly claim to be an “evangelical” given its history. [emphasis mine] It seems more like a source of embarrassment than a source of anything you’d actually want anyone to know, many would say. I’d like to invite someone, using historical data, to make me a liar and prove me wrong…

Dan Hamilton: [who is not a race realist, but merely a pro-Western cuckservative]

Since you asked: Assuming without conceeding that everything said above is historically accurate,

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