BFFs Be Gone! Public Schools Now Want To Ban “Best Friends”

First public schools gave up on even attempting to coherently define such tricky concepts as “boy” and “girl”, banking on the fact that most American parents would ultimately decide to just roll along with their “professionally” orchestrated plunge into terminal idiocy...and they did.

Even after the American public school system “came out” as totally pro-gay, totally pro-LGBTQRSTD, and totally against the coherent definition of “boy” and “girl”, American parents kept right on sending their boys and girls to this system for an “education”.

Oh sure, they whined and complained and expressed their “shock” at the lunacy of it all, and they moaned about what a terrible message this sent to their precious little kiddos, but they kept right on sending their kiddos to that system for an “education”.

So if there’s one lesson that even the typical public school product should have picked up on by now, it’s that there is apparently nothing – no act or policy of wanton stupidity or even downright evil – that public schools can pursue that will inspire most American parents to take their children out of harm’s way.

That’s just kinda where we’re at now in “the land of the …

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