Blue States Plot Trickery Scheme Designed To Bilk Federal Tax Money In Wake Of Reform Cap

Due to the SALT deduction reform in the tax bill, many Democrat-run states are having to finally confront their terrible tax policies. This means that these states can no longer pass on their expensive tax policies to the federal government to disguise their high tax rates.

One of the parts of the recently-passed tax reform bill that irked people in certain states run by Democrats most is that it limited something called ‘SALT’ deductions.  ‘SALT’ is an acronym for ‘State and Local Taxes,’ and prior to the passage of the Donald Trump-backed tax reform bill, they were basically limitless, allowing states to pass their high taxes on to the federal government by depriving the federal government of money. Under the tax reform bill, however, that deduction is limited to $10,000 per year, which means that states will no longer be able to hide their terrible tax policy by fleecing the federal government.

In a shocking turn of events, however, many of the states with absurdly high state and local taxes are refusing to do anything to lower their rates.  Instead, they’re deciding to attempt to find ways to scam the federal government out of the tax money they’re due.  ‘Blue’ …

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