Bradley’s Liberation Theology Ends in White Genocide

So what prompted Anthony Bradley’s public conversion in 2017 to anti-white, black liberation theology? Foremost is his embrace of this book, Doctrine and Race, by Mary Beth Mathews.

Her book asserts that black and white churchgoers in the United States hold to fundamentally incompatible theologies with some areas of overlap. Mathews asserts that whites diverge into either modernist or fundamentalist camps, but that both groups of whites agree on a certain social order that assumes white supremacy, white privilege, economic inequality, gender inequality, and so on. Contrary to this, Mathews says that blacks share some of the same theological tenets that whites do, but practice a progressive faith as it is applied to interpersonal and social relationships. The black church, says Mathews, believes that Christianity requires equality in society. For blacks living in the United States, this has always meant a lowering of white standards and eradicating barriers to black admission into the institutions of the majority-white nation.

Mathews’s book is a volume meant …

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