California City Sues State: Cronyism, Shoddiness, Sexism And ‘Noose’ Used To Intimidate As Liberals Exposed

The City of Oroville is asking to be reimbursed for the cost of evacuation as well as lost revenue for the time the entire city had to be abandoned.

The small California city that lies at the foot of Oroville dam, filed a big lawsuit against the state on Wednesday, over failure to properly maintain the structure. “This was not an act of God. This was not just a wild rainstorm. This went back 20 years of neglect.

The crisis was caused “by decades of mismanagement,” lead attorney Joseph Cotchett argues. He blames “a culture of cronyism and a priority for low cost dam repairs over quality maintenance.” Bringing cheap water to Southern California’s farmers and residents was more important than proper maintenance so corners were cut and repairs were skimped.

Everything could have been avoided “if state officials bothered to ‘connect the dots‘ and do their jobs properly.” Instead of maintaining the dam, they were more interested in juvenile workplace sexism and racist practical jokes. Somebody was tasteless enough to leave a noose “in a break room to harass an African-American employee.”

The cause of action was filed in Butte County …

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