California Hate Crime Law Backfires On Racist Professor As ‘Evil’ Activity Exposed

The California Department of Justice conducted a six-month investigation and their findings were astonishing for such a liberal state.

The California Department of Justice found that an American Indian Studies professor, Oscar Monge, discriminated against white student, Crystal Sudano. The Lecturer at San Diego State University had four complaints filed against him by Sudano after she found his behavior to be in unpalatable. Her claims of being discriminated against based on her race, harassed because she is white, and retaliated against because she filed the complaints, have been vindicated after a six-month long investigation into the professor’s behavior.

Several Facebook messages were sent to Sudano by the professor which contained strong anti-White sentiments. The professor even threatened Sudano’s grade when he challenged his position on changing the school’s Aztec mascot. It is worth noting the Native American Student Alliance did not support his efforts to change the school’s mascot either.

The California Department of justice concluded that Monge’s actions “indicate he was angry about her research on the mascot, and upset about her accusations that he called her a racist. With these uppermost on his mind, he took action against her as a student.” Monge’s attempt to drop Sudano’s grade …

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