California Man Ordered To Surrender Firearms, 2016 Law Skips Due Process And Goes Straight To Confiscation

San Diego City Council Member Barbara Bry is in favor of gun laws such as extreme risk protection orders.

In 2014, California signed in a law which would allow the state to temporarily take citizen’s second amendment rights away, issuing extreme risk protection orders. These are to be given out in rare circumstances where a person is determined to be a threat to themselves or others if they remain armed. If served with such an order, an individual is prohibited from possessing or purchasing firearms or ammunition.

There is, of course, a major threat to constitutional rights in doing this, as it completely bypasses due process outlined in amendments five and fourteen, which allow an individual to fight for his right to bear arms before having it revoked. The California law did not start issuing protection orders until 2016, and are still relatively uncommon, though are still a threat to Americans’ rights.

San Diego issued its first extreme risk protection order last week, banning the gun rights of a thirty-nine-year-old San Carlos man for one year. The man had demonstrated extremely reckless behavior, but it is still unsettling to see how effortlessly it was for California to issue such …

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