California Mental Hospital Lockdown, “Sexually Violent Predators” Found With Proof As Liberal Care Defective

Police respond to a series of riots at Coalinga Hospital when patients had devices containing pornography in their possession.

A Psychiatric hospital in California had a difficult time controlling its patients when a protest broke out over a regulation in response to the “porn epidemic” at Coalinga State Hospital in Fresno County. The Department of State Hospitals requires all California hospitals to follow the same protocols, in which such an epidemic would call for tighter regulations.

However, the patients at Coalinga are not typical mental health patients, but are mostly sexual predators, making up 73% of the hospital’s population. The remaining population is composed of mentally ill offenders in crimes not related to sexual assault. The new regulations involved the confiscation of all the patients’ external storage devices, many of which contained pornographic material involving minors. This angered patients, causing them to protest.

It is unfortunate that the patients who are being treated for such sexual deviancy have returned to their old ways, indicating a failing treatment program; they obviously had to go to great lengths to smuggle in the illegal material. This occurrence at the mental facility is an excellent example of how institutions in liberal states focus …

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