California Secession: Jefferson & the 51st State

The effort to create the 51st U.S. state is steadily growing. Several counties in California’s more conservative North have long complained about disproportionate representation in Sacramento. If they have their way, then California secession may soon become a reality.

Most of progressive California reveled in the eight years they had under the Obama administration, thinking that things would just go on like this. However, since losing the Congress and then the White House to Trump, there has been increased interest in federalism and other options in local governance. To many Californians, life has become so unfair that even in Hollywood, they’ve momentarily stopped sexually assaulting each other long enough to consider the possibilities under Trump, even the previously reviled option of secession from the United States. The irony is delicious. However, leaving the U.S. isn’t the only option, and for a number of less progressive counties, leaving California is the solution to their personal clash of cultures.

Northern Californians have long complained that they are underrepresented in the state capitol, so much so that the level of representation was the subject of a May lawsuit by a coalition of northern counties and Indian tribes. The area is less densely populated

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