California Subverts Second Amendment As ‘Unbiased’ Cause Claim Reveals Colossal Scheme

California State Auditor Elaine M. Howle made a disturbing discovery regarding the difficulty in obtaining a CCW permit in Los Angeles County.

Citizens in Riverside County, California may be in danger if they need defense. The processing time to obtain a concealed carry permit has increased from several months to up to 24, with residents left with the options to either remain unarmed and vulnerable or to carry illegally. Under current California law, law-abiding citizens may only carry a firearm in public with a concealed carry permit; open carry without such a permit has been prohibited in the blue state since 2012, even for unloaded firearms.

However, California is clear that it does not respect the Second Amendment as a constitutional right, in that citizens must defend their need for protection in the concealed carry application. California residents must provide “good cause” for the need to bear arms.

Even after the recent reciprocity law passed, allowing concealed carry permits to be recognized across state lines, California is a “may issue state,” for which laws differ across counties. This is concerning for individuals deemed fit to carry a concealed firearm in another state, but are now in …

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  1. James Owen says:

    Of course, this doesn’t apply to Mexicans.

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