California “User Fee” Tax Scheme Enrages Liberals, $1.3 Billion Stolen As June Vote Worries Democrats

Californians are getting gouged at the gas pump–by their own state government.

Californians started the new year in 2018 with continued sticker shock at the gas pump. We all know that a fairly sizeable portion of the price per gallon goes to tax, but in California it is a whopper! On November 1, 2017, the state increased the price per gallon by 12 cents, to bring the state tax to nearly 40 cents. And that doesn’t even include the federal tax which is 18.4 cents. That means Californians pay nearly 60 cents per gallon just in taxes, and the state has been stealing the funds to use for ‘other’ programs.

But they’re not done! California, like many states, also imposes a sales tax, so they actually tax the tax up to another nearly 10 percent. To put it into perspective, Californians pay about three dollars per gallon. Combined taxes are about 20 percent of that.

By comparison, gas station owners only profit by about two cents per gallon, so the state is raking in 20 times more than the owners are.

Liberals like Governor Jerry Brown have been overspending for years in an effort to keep California in a

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