Charleston, SC Secessionist wants Confederate monument repairs

While the debate about removing Confederate monuments rages across the country, one group in South Carolina is looking to see some of the statues in the Palmetto State repaired.

The South Carolina Secessionist Party sent a letter to the members of the Charleston City Council pressing the governing body to make repairs to the Confederate monuments in White Point Gardens.

Not because of damage inflicted by protesters. But from the ravages of exposure to the elements over the years since they have been erected.

“The Charleston Confederate Defenders monument has sustained an almost disrespectful amount of wear-and-tear due to lack of proper maintenance,” S.C. Secessionist Party chairman James Bessenger wrote in a letter to the city council.

The disrepair Bessinger describes includes large portions of missing mortar and sealant, large chunks breaking out of the base and one stone step becoming separated from the base.

“All of these issues will worsen until addressed with proper maintenance,” Bessinger said. “We have to ensure that we are taking care of what we have before we ever entertain the idea of adding to them.”…

Source: Charleston, SC Secessionist wants Confederate monument repairs | The State

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