Chicken Review Turns Deadly As Strange Altercation Claims Life Of Co-Worker

Connecticut police discuss the unfortunate murder at Bonchon Chicken.

It appears that a father of seven may have been murdered over fried chicken. Norris Jackson, 36, was working a typical shift at a Korean fried chicken restaurant called Bonchon Chicken in The Plaza at Buckland Hills in Manchester, Connecticut. The fry cook reportedly disliked his job at the restaurant that he had worked at since the summer. He repeatedly posted on social media he was underappreciated and overworked, working twelve-hour shifts, he lasted reported on December 20.

However, his hard work did not pay off, as the job ultimately cost him his life. Jackson had frequent issues with the manager, James Goolsby, 28, and another manager and waitress, 23-year-old Leanna Robitaille, who was dating Goolsby. While many loved and frequented the international cuisine, some customers were beginning to write negative Yelp reviews, which Goolsby appeared to be blaming Jackson for, as the maker of the food.

On the morning of December 30, the two men began arguing once again about the restaurant’s success, the food Jackson was preparing, and possibly, the guest reviews which were bringing the restaurant’s ratings down. During the shouting match, an employee reported that Goolsby …

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