Computer Disk And Paper Reveal ISIS Connection, State Officials Say No Cause For “Concern”

Nebraskan locals were terrified to think that ISIS propoganda was making its way into the state. After finding questionable material, locals immediately handed over the paper and CD that were tied to ISIS. Authorities did not appear to address the matter appropriately as they told their citizens that everything was fine.

The days of the global terrorist organization ISIS are coming to an end in terms of actual land controlled, but their influence will take decades to destroy.  These terrorist networks use all sorts of black market commodities to spread their message and carry out their mission.  Now Nebraska has been identified as a possible hotbed after ISIS propaganda found its way towards the center of a small city.

It was a single compact disc accompanied by a parchment of paper that appeared to sponsor the terrorist organization ISIS.  It was found off of a local highway where authorities say countless cars pass by.  The concerned citizen who found the propaganda was so startled and worried that they wanted to report the incident as quickly as possible.

Authorities were not certain what was on the disc and were not keen to disclose the information.  They said it could be anything …

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