Confederate Heritage Supporters Not Going Quietly Into the Night

After spending the day cleaning up our FaceBook page of vulgar, hate-filled, and profane comments from monument haters, I am reflecting on a truth that is absolute, but not universally acknowledged: 

Those that attack us, our monuments, and our Confederate ancestors are almost ALWAYS left wing, Godless radicals, who hate us because our heritage is deeply rooted in our Christian faith. 

A quick peek at the social media profile of most of these individuals will almost ALWAYS reveal a liberal who hates everything conservative and is still throwing a giant temper tantrum over the fact that Trump won the election. They cannot stand the fact that WE help put him there, and decided to go after what they knew would hurt us the most, and what we treasure…our history and heritage…our kin. 

They are all consumed and blood thirsty, and have managed to spin and successfully propagate false narratives linking our memorials to everything from white supremacy, to slavery, to Jim Crow; lies that are blindly accepted and repeated by the main stream media, academia, government run schools, and municipalities controlled by leftists. Their plan is to tear down our flags and monuments and bully us into submission. 

They will

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