Convicted Leaker Responsible For Dead Soldiers Garners Endorsement From Jihad Terror Supporter, Liberals Gush In Happiness

Linda Sarsour, talking about the Black Lives Matter movement, surrounded by the Muslim Brotherhood and its members. The Muslim Brotherhood remains an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land case, and is an organization known for backing terrorism and terrorists in the Islamic World.

Many Americans were of the opinion that the 2016 election season was a strange one, but that is nothing compared to how strange the 2018 election season is shaping up to be. Strangest of all, however, is the idea that Chelsea Manning (born Bradley Manning), an infamous military traitor and spy, thinks that they can win a seat in the United States Senate as a Senator from Maryland.

Stranger still, Manning, whose leaks cost soldiers their lives, somehow managed to get an endorsement from Jihad apologist and terror supporter Linda Sarsour.  This is baffling indeed, especially considering that Linda Sarsour has built a career on being an apologist and lobbyist for extremist Islam around the world. Somehow, liberals have come together to celebrate the idea that a traitorous and shamed ex-soldier might somehow become a Democrat politician in Maryland.

Indeed, Linda Sarsour was simply ecstatic to show her support for Chelsea Manning, even going so far as …

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