Convicted Transgender Traitor Makes Democrat Senate Bid, Party Divided As “New Gestapo” Claimed

Thanks to Obama, a traitor can run for U.S. Senate.

Convicted leaker and American traitor Chelsea Manning has officially declared that she will run for Senate in Maryland, challenging longtime Democrat Ben Cardin.

Manning, a transgender who was previously known as Bradley Manning, submitted her paperwork on Friday with the Maryland Secretary of State.

In her campaign video, Manning makes no mention of being a traitor who leaked tens of thousands of highly classified documents to our enemies, but instead claims to be a candidate preparing to launch a gestapo that will fight back against the government.

Manning will be challenging a sitting Democratic senator, who also serves as the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

But she has a Twitter account, emojis, and claims that she will defend America – so one can assume progressive will support her bid to become a member of Congress.

Check out her campaign video below:

Manning was convicted in 2013 when she was an U.S. Army private for carrying out arguably the largest leaks of classified intelligence in U.S. history, giving our enemies a plethora of information they could use against us.

Manning gave WikiLeaks, the group who played a major …

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