Convicted Triple Murderer Cries Foul, Demands New Trial After Lawyer Action, Supreme Court Involved

Death row inmate Robert McCoy is still insisting on his innocence. His case, however, is more unusual than the average prisoner’s. claims that his constitutional rights were violated when his defense attorney ignored his desires and told the jury he was guilty.

A Louisiana death row inmate is about to have his case re-evaluated by the U.S. Supreme Court. The justice’s decision will have implications that reverberate throughout the criminal defense community.

Robert McCoy was found guilty of murdering three people. Prosecutors compiled a heap of damning evidence him, leaving McCoy’s defense team to conclude that the case couldn’t be won. Instead, he would focus on trying to win the jury’s sympathy.

McCoy disagreed. He was adamant that he was innocent and adamant that he wanted his lawyer to represent him as such. He tried to get new representation but was told that it was too late.

Eventually, the jury found him guilty of first-degree murder. He was sentenced to the death penalty.

“Your Honor, this is unconstitutional for you to keep an attorney on my case when this attorney is completely selling me out,” McCoy cried out during court. McCoy is still fighting the verdict. He and his

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