DACA Advocates Build a Human Wall at Disneyland

Two days ago, the Los Angeles Times was reporting that DACA recipients and their allies were blocking the entrance to Disneyland, in an attempt to bring attention to their concerns and convince enough politicians to grant them legal status. It said:

DACA recipients, commonly called Dreamers, stood in a crosswalk at South Harbor Boulevard around 10 a.m. and blocked buses from entering the Anaheim theme park. The 15 protesters were quickly removed by law enforcement officers and were relocated to a sidewalk, where they held signs and chanted, “No dream! No deal!”

DACA recipients are by far the least offensive of illegal immigrants by virtue of being children (thus not responsible) when their parents decided to illegally enter the U.S. Even some of the most anti-illegal immigration advocates are willing to consider carving out an exception for them in whatever plan they favor for dealing with illegal immigration in general. However, with stunts like these, blocking the entrance to the most magical place on earth, having nothing to do with their particular issue, the “dreamers” will very quickly evaporate what good will they have. Blocking theme parks, or highways, etc. may bring attention to their plight, but it will likely …

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