Democrat Returns To Racist Roots As KKK Member Announces House Run Amid Massive Uproar

John Abarr, shown here, has been a member of the Klan, formed his own branch of the Klan, and has already run once as a Republican in an attempt to become a figure in state politics. Now he’s looking to the more Klan-friendly Democrat party in hopes of getting elected.

For years, the Democrat party has enjoyed throwing around the claim that the Republican party was the party of racists, attempting to tie the Ku Klux Klan (an organization formed by Democrats after the Civil War) to the Republican party.  They did this by claiming that at some point in history, the Republican party and Democrat party magically switched places, and the sins of the one were transferred to the other.  However, a Montana Democrat running for a state office makes the claim much more difficult to support.

John Abarr is a man known to the local populace in Montana for being a Klansman (and rather unapologetic about it, too).  Interestingly, he’s also known for his role in trying to push the Montana KKK to be more inclusive of ‘minorities,’ though it is questionable as to whether he did this because he cared about inclusivity or because the KKK has …

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