Democrats Plot 2018 Upset As Stacked Liberal Court Considers Voting District Change Favoring Liberals

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is ruling on the need for congressional redistricitng.

The quiet, rural farm lands that make up the southwest corner of Pennsylvania is the next battle ground for democrats. Voting for President Trump by more than 20 points over Hillary Clinton, democratic leaders are preparing for a revival in these sleepy back corners of the nation. Now the stacked leftist court is plotting to abet a coup with a 2018 district change that would favor liberals.

A special congressional election is hoping to test the waters for democrats to resist the president. The young Conor Lamb is making his break out candidacy for a congressional seat. A marine veteran, the 33-year-old used to be an assistant to a United States attorney.

Experiencing their first few wins in years, democrats are hoping to build momentum off their Alabama upset and Virginia win. Liberal strategists believe a blue wave is going to sweep through the nation to take back the House and Senate and according to many, take back the White House.

President Trump is expected to visit the district on Thursday to campaign with republican candidate Rick Saccone. The 59-year-old state legislator has drawn close ties to

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