Dems Pass Bill BEFORE Election To Auto Register, Suit Claimed Forms Were “Burden”

The new California bill will automatically entitle illegal immigrants who obtain a driver’s license with the right to vote.

Beginning April 1, California will automatically register to vote anyone who is issued a driver’s license. The state has no requirements for individuals to provide documentation for establishing legal residency in the country, therefore non-citizens will be registered to vote. This change will go into effect before the state and federal elections are held.

The New Motor Voter Act was signed into law in 2015, and requires the records for all eligible applicants to be forwarded to the Secretary of State’s office for registration. Motorists must elect not to vote in order for them to avoid registration.

A lawsuit filed in 2017 claimed registration was too burdensome for those who wished to register to vote. The two part process required the same information be submitted on separate forms. However, if the process to register is too much, then maybe the complex political system that hangs in the balance is also too difficult for those individuals to participate in? Voting should require some attention to detail and effort.

One claimant to the suit is the National Council of La Raza. The “La …

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