Feds Claim “Violations” Don’t Matter, New Trial Request Ignores Deliberate Conservative Set Up

Prosecutors are trying to haul the Bundy’s into court again.

In New York City, Mayor de Blasio is attacking the very foundations of the Constitution and the rights of property ownership, as the Conservative Daily Post has shown today. This heartache did not start in the Big Apple, however. One major stepping stone on the road of government overreach was seen in the case of the Bundy’s and how Big Brother vastly overstepped their bounds in that case.

The Daily Caller has revealed that “federal prosecutors are asking Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro for another chance at convicting Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy” and their standoff with authorities. Misguided, activist judges like Navarro are purposefully blind to the fact that government deserved everything that it got from the Bundy’s and those who supported them for breaking the Constitution.

Navarro has ruled a mistrial the last time that this harassment was attempted.

The Brady violations found by the court are regrettable and benefit no one,” wrote Nevada’s Acting U.S. Attorney and lead prosecutor, Steven Myhre. “But because the government neither flagrantly violated nor recklessly disregarded its obligations, the appropriate remedy for such violations is a new

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