Firefighter Files Suit Over Facebook Firing

Anaya Bastian sits in in the road where Huger Street becomes I-126 during a United We Stand march Sunday, July 10, 2016, in Columbia, S.C. Several hundred protestors marched from the statehouse to the interstate where they were turned around by law enforcement. Sean Rayford

A white Columbia Fire Department captain who was fired from his $53,722-a-year job for making threatening remarks on social media about a Black Lives Matter protest has filed a lawsuit against the city alleging racial discrimination.

The remarks by James “Jimmy” Morris were made in two posts on the veteran firefighter’s personal Facebook in 2016.However, in his lawsuit, Morris says government cannot “restrict or otherwise chill individual civil rights.”

In reaction to a white secessionist State House rally about the Confederate flag, the Black Lives Matter movement staged a counterprotest on the night of July 16, 2016. That protest closed the major Interstate 126 corridor on the west side of the city.

Morris posted on his Facebook page, “Idiots shutting down I-126. Better not be there when I get off work or there is gonna be some run over dumb asses.”

He also posted, “Public Service Announcement: If you attempt to shut down an …

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