First Amendment Gets Powerful Help As Congress To Outlaw Politically Correct Extortion, Leftists Fume

Senator Dennis Baxley addresses the need for the Campus Free Expression Act in Florida, especially to rid universities of designated free speech “zones.”

College campuses are supposed to be places for free speech to celebrated, and while many find their voices in such communities, it is common for students with minority viewpoints to be silenced. Numerous incidents that have caused such controversy have inspired many states to adopt free speech legislature which would protect the voices of all on “federally funded institutions,” eliminating the need for “free speech zones.”

The “Campus Free Expression Act” has already been passed in twenty states, with Florida seeking to become the next to be a place where the First Amendment cannot be infringed upon. Filed by Florida Senator Dennis Baxley and Representative Bob Rommel last month, the sunshine state’s sudden interest in the bill appears to correlate to an event that occurred at the University of Florida when Richard Spencer was scheduled to speak. However, lawmakers are pointedly noting that it has been an issue of great importance for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and is not “drafted in response to any certain event.”

Richard Spencer is “the president of …

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