Florida Assembly In Shambles As Hidden Cameras Reveal Lawmakers Actions, Forgiveness Asked

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran has expressed his disgust with the extramarital affair.

An unlikely romance blossomed in Florida for an undetermined amount of time, as the lovers kept it top secret for obvious reasons. It appears that possibly out of convenience, two Florida senators living just across the hall of their condominium complex began an affair lasting for at least nine months, possibly longer, despite both parties being married. Their relationship has since been uncovered, with the adulterers now seeking forgiveness.

The couple seems an unlikely match at first, considering that they are politicians representing opposing parties, though Republican Senator Anitere Flores and Democrat Senator Oscar Braynon became romantically involved, likely sometime last year. Though they tried to be discreet, keeping the physical elements of the affair confined to the privacy of Braynon’s apartment, an unknown source had suspected the scandal, video recording them since April.

On Tuesday, an anonymous reporter launched a website called floresbraynonaffair.com, which featured video footage of the hallway connecting Flores and Braynon’s units. The unfaithful couple reportedly lived just across the hall from each other, their doors separated only by six feet.

Footage of the hallway showing how close the Senators’ doors were.

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