Fourth Time! Department Finally Begins Investigation After 9x Legal Limit Crashes Town

Pequannock police addressing the public safety threat which took the form of an intoxicated snowplow driver.

One would think that state workers would take their jobs seriously, especially when holding a position which could impact public safety. However, recently a snowplow driver in New Jersey risked the lives and property of his community when he performed his job extremely intoxicated. Thankfully, police were able to stop the driver before he caused further damage. The incident is inexcusable considering that it was the suspect’s fourth offense, with the New Jersey Department of Transportation finally taking notice.

Thirty-six-year-old Roger Attieh from Boonton was going about his workday as usual in Pequannock on Monday evening, navigating the streets in a snowplow and dispersing salt on the roads. However, Attieh was under the influence of alcohol so severely, over nine times the legal limit, that he lost control of the massive machinery on multiple occasions.

Initially, Attieh misjudged the distance he had to navigate the snowplow, sideswiping a car. Realizing what he had done, Attieh jumped out of the driver’s seat “to inspect the damage” and attempted to flee the scene. However, he was so impaired that he was unsuccessful in doing so, crashing …

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