GOP, Illegal Immigration, and Mixed Signals

Last week, President Donald Trump hosted a bi-partisan meeting on DACA and illegal immigration related issues. Unfortunately, that summit and other recent reports have led anyone paying attention to question the motives of all participants involved and diminish any hope they might’ve held for actually dealing with this issue through Washington. And once again, Texans, and others closest to the problem, will be the one’s to suffer most from yet another federal failure.

The main topic has to do with DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program that the Trump administration ended a few months ago only to suspend its termination pending a congressional solution. This is what passes for bold action in Washington, these days. DACA recipients, by far the fresh face of illegal immigration (by virtue of their presence being no fault of their own), stand to be deported if President Obama’s executive action (illegal itself) is not legitimized through Congress.

The Democrats position on DACA is clear as crystal: they are all for it. This is not only because of the beneficent optics of the thing in the media and among their base, but because, on immigration issues in general, they’ve effectively become the party of …

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