Got MLK?

Every January much of the American public and their handlers in education, media, entertainment, and government take turns trying to be the most effusive in praise and adulation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Every January also sees learned critics of popular culture, though they are fewer in number, trying to dispel the myths that seem an impenetrable shell surrounding the man. By now there is well-documented information available to the public that shows the real MLK to have been morally corrupt and doctrinally unorthodox. His habitual plagiarism now is a well-established fact. Not only was his PhD thesis plagiarized, but so were many of his other well-known writings, such as the “I Have A Dream” speech and the “Letter From a Birmingham Jail.” Documentation exists for public review showing that King not only was a serial adulterer, but also was given to orgies and “unnatural” sexual practices. Furthermore, King’s doctrinal unorthodoxy is available for public review in the letters and papers that have been collected and published by a Stanford University project. These papers show that King harbored heretical views such as denying the divine inspiration of Scripture, denying the deity of Christ, and denying the bodily …

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