Government Employees Get Surprise As City Council Rules 4-1 On Concealed Carry In Buildings

Bowling Green, Kentucky, Board of Commissioners decided on the new measure in a four to one vote.

Bowling Green, Kentucky, Politicians reversed a ban on carrying concealed weapons in city buildings January 2. The vote was an overwhelming victory with four of five city commissioners in favor of the old policy’s reversal. It is still unlawful however to carry a firearm into government meetings being conducted in city buildings, but it is a step in the right direction. Policies restoring the rights of public employees to carry have been sweeping the nation for years now after their erosion in the late sixties and seventies.

City employees in Bowling Green have been pressing their commissioners to rescind the policy which left them unarmed at work. Making city buildings “gun free zones” only meant that the people inside of them would be unprotected and criminals would not have to worry bullets flying in their direction if they chose to attack. City buildings in Bowling Green are now safer for visitors and those employed within them.

Bedford County, Virginia had policy which banned public employees working in county and city buildings from having a firearm at their workplace. The public was not prohibited …

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