‘History-Making’ Somali Police Officer Faces Assault Charge, Refugee Pays Back America With Violence

Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck faces the arrest of a local Somali police officer.

A Somali refugee garnered national attention a short time ago as she was sworn in as the first police officer of her kind in the state of Maine. She was held out to be a symbol of hope for the community of poor refugees and the day she was sworn into serving the local area was a “history-making” event. Little did the local police department know that this favor was short-lived as the model officer was recently arrested.

Zahra Abu was sworn into office as a police officer in front of friends and family. The local news media ran a feel-good story about the little Somali girl that was born to Kenyan parents at a faraway refugee camp. She was to be a shining example of successful refugee programs but quickly fell short.

The next story to hit the media about Abu was far less flattering and was hidden among many less newsworthy stories. Abu paid back the outpouring of support from her community in violence. The officer of the law lost control at an out of town concert. She was arrested on a total of …

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