Illegal Alien Raped 7-Year-Old Girl, Gave Her Herpes

EVANSVILLE, IN (44 News) – An Evansville man allegedly told police he molested a child because of the “strong black magic” used against him. 24-year-old Huber Morales is charged with five counts of child molesting.

On January 16th, the seven-year-old victim told a nurse Morales had touched her and said it happened “a lot of times”.

According to the affidavit, the victim told nurses Morales raped her, and that it had been going on for years.

Morales told police while staying at the victim’s house one night, he claims she got into bed with him and he thought the seven-year-old was someone else. He claims the two of them started cuddling.

Doctor’s say the victim contracted genital herpes from Morales.

Authorities say Morales claims he only touched the victim three times and had sex with the victim twice. Morales claims to have done these things due to the “strong black magic” used against him.

According to the affidavit, Morales told police he was illegally living in the country and did not want the Mexican Consulate notified.

Police say he wrote an apology letter to the victim before being taken into custody.

Morales was in court …

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