Illegal Alien Sold LSD And Cocaine To Undercover Officer

RALEIGH, NC (The News & Observer) – A Raleigh man accused of selling drugs to the same undercover police officer three times in less than a week is facing several charges.

Tomas Aguayo-Moreno, 25, was charged by Wake County sheriff’s deputies with eight counts of trafficking in LSD, one count of trafficking in cocaine, three counts of maintaining a dwelling or vehicle for drug purposes, felony marijuana possession and one count each of cocaine possession, cocaine sale and cocaine delivery.

Aguayo-Moreno was arrested about 5 p.m. Tuesday when deputies stopped his black Audi on New Bern Avenue in east Raleigh. Deputies say they stopped the car after Aguayo-Moreno sold between 500 and 1,000 doses of LSD to the undercover officer.

They also accused Aguayo-Moreno of having at least 28 grams of cocaine and a little more than a half-pound of marijuana, and of using his apartment on Conifer Drive in west Raleigh to keep and sell cocaine and marijuana.

About two hours after Aguayo-Moreno was booked into the Wake County Detention Center, deputies also charged him with selling between 100 and 500 LSD doses to the same undercover officer last Friday and selling cocaine to …

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