Illegal Aliens “Hotboxed” Car With Marijuana Smoke With Baby Inside Vehicle

SALINAS, CA (KSBW News 8) – Two parents were arrested in Salinas, California after they “hotboxed” their car with marijuana smoke while their 1-year-old daughter was inside the car, police said Wednesday.

“Hotboxing” is a slang term for filling a vehicle with thick marijuana smoke to maximize the drug’s first-hand and second-hand effects.

The parents were identified by police as 23-year-old Faustino Matias and 22-year-old Claudia Campos.

Their Honda was reported to police as suspicious Tuesday evening while it was parked at Natividad Creek Park.

Matias rolled the window down when a police officer approached the car, and “a heavy cloud of marijuana smoke bellowed from inside the car,” police said.

The officer observed an infant in the backseat. Paramedics had a hard time waking up the baby, and the infant was taken to a hospital, police said.

Monterey County Child Protective Services agents took custody of the baby. The parents were booked into jail on suspicion of child endangerment and child cruelty.

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