Intruder Opens Fire On Family But Marine Defender Faces Life Sentence As Democrat Force Follows Orders

Detroit Police Department were crucial in apprehending and charging both Joey Nelson and Michael Wilson. Nelson, a marine vet, faces life in prison for defending his house from Wilson who was released quickly after the incident.

It seems that every day in the United States of America the citizens are reminded of the duality of the justice system.  For the well-connected and well endowed, the justice system simply becomes a nuisance that needs to be dealt with but for others it will ruin their lives.  Now a veteran of the Marine Corps is facing life in prison after a stranger showed up to his home, tried to force his way in, and fired at the house because the marine fired back at the intruder.

Twenty-eight-year-old Joey Nelson was just relaxing with his fiancée, a few friends, and his three-week-old child when a stranger ruined his life.  They were just hanging out and talking when 39-year-old Michael Wilson began pounding on their door.  It became clear to everyone that the level of intensity in the pounding that it was not a friend at the door.

Alarmed, Nelson went to the door to see what the commotion was and it was there …

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