Is Bitcoin Dangerous? Maybe Not.

In response to Colby’s thought-provoking essay on Bitcoin, I’d like to offer some counterpoints to his six reasons to be very leery of Bitcoin. I’m not going to deprecate other investments like real estate, traditional stocks, or tangible assets like gold, silver, and ammo. But I’d argue that throwing Bitcoin and its altcoin brethren out like the baby with the bathwater as a mere fad, Ponzi scheme, or bubble is not a necessary conclusion for pro-white Christians. Here’s why.

First, Colby asserted that Bitcoin’s value is murky at best. What is the value of Bitcoin and its altcoin peers? That depends on which one we’re talking about and what exactly its value proposition is. It’s a bit like asking what the value of a Ford Taurus is, or what the value of a Taco Bell bean burrito is. The former might deliver efficient transportation to the consumer, as well as comfort, safety, ease of use, and aesthetic charm. The latter might offer some nutrition to the consumer, as well as recreation, comfort, convenience, or other such values. Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ripple are geared towards being a means of exchange. Monero and ZCash, among others, are focused on privacy. …

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