It’s the Black Inquisition!

So apparently we aren’t Christians after all.

Despite centuries of spreading the Gospel worldwide, defending the Faith in public, practicing it in private, and ordering our nations according to the Word of God, apparently the fact that white people don’t cater their world to the whims of black people means that we’re all going to hell.

That’s the conclusion that Anthony Bradley is arriving at. He may not have declared us eternally damned, but he has declared us anathema, and there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two.

Bradley is a professional pontificator who got his position at a Reformed seminary mainly due to his melanin content. (It certainly wasn’t because of his spelling or grammar, because they are terrible.) He’s been on an “I’m-no-longer-evangelical” binge for the past year and he’s busy taking as many people with him on his pilgrimage to…wherever he’s going. I think …

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