Liberal Governor In Hot Seat As Port Authority Physically Forced Compliance, Brutal Tactics Excused

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is in a position to either side with Porter Airlines or its customers after the ridiculous behavior of staff, resulting in lawsuits.

Travelers and airline crews often become frustrated when facing major delays, especially when confined to cramped areas and lacking information about their travel plans. The horrendous weather in the east coast known as the “bomb cyclone,” has caused excessive travel delays across airports, however, one airline failed to properly enforce airport policies and made a ridiculous personal demand of customers at the expense of their “charter rights.” In fact, the passengers were threatened with arrest if they didn’t comply.

Passengers were forced to erase images and videos they recorded of the incident. That’s right.

To the horror of future travelers using Porter Airlines, or those flying out of Boston, or anywhere in Massachusetts, no higher up legal action has been taken to sanction the travel company. Democratic Governor Charlie Baker of the Massachusetts Port Authority has remained silent about the incident which ruined the travels and weekend of Porter passengers.

The Porter Airlines flight was scheduled to take passengers from Boston Logan International Airport to Toronto, Canada on Friday evening. It made it as …

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