Liberal Governor Joins Muslim Advocates To Hide ‘Refugee’ Cost, Create Furious Plan As GOP Panel Formed

South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard is pushing for the state to ignore the costs of refugee relocation in the state.

Monitoring the state budget and taking care to protect the interest of each citizen of your state is usually a significant and fundamental part of being Governor. This should hold true regardless of whether the person in office is liberal or conservative. Sadly this does not seem to be the case in South Dakota as Governor Dennis Daugaard fights to keep the facts from his states’ residents.

Gov. Daugaard has paired with local Muslim advocates to block efforts within his state to investigate and report on the overall costs of their refugee relocation programs. Instead of making sure there is a clear picture of the financial requirements of the program, they are blocking efforts to look at the numbers. They are also blocking efforts within the state to make better policies about vetting refugees coming into the state after recent and horrific crimes were committed by incoming refugees.

It is obvious there is a problem in South Dakota, and the taxpayers are paying for it. The resettlement programs seem to have an unlimited budget as there is no real …

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