Liberal States Plot To Ensure Obama Plan Remains, Legislation Will Force Citizen Compliance

California Governor Jerry Brown (left), and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are both working with legislatures in their states to maintain net neutrality.

Three states, California, New York, and Washington are crafting legislation in order to maintain net neutrality in their states after the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) repealed net neutrality regulations. The FCC has included a preemption clause in their repeal of net neutrality which forbids states from implementing their own version of net neutrality, the legal standing for this, however, is questionable.

Net neutrality was a regulation put in place which forced internet service providers(ISP) to conduct their business as if they were a public utility. The regulation banned ISPs from discriminating against websites which contained legal content. It kept them from throttling, blocking, or censoring web content and forced them to treat all web traffic equally.

The repeal of net neutrality regulations allows ISPs to decide which content is streamed faster than others and which content can be accessed. If water companies had the same power they could slow down water pressure in certain areas, cut off service entirely to others all the while maintaining good pressure in others. Like water companies, many ISPs are the only providers …

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