Liberty Lost: 3 Federal Actions That Disempowered Texas & the States

In times past, citizens lost liberties at the whim of noblemen. Although Kings and lords fighting for control over land and people may have at times displayed generosity, peasants and serfs were still the property of the victor. While the American system stripped away the veneer of nobility, along with it’s frank system of “I’m king, and you’re a peasant!” rule, American nobles nonetheless found a way within the system to enslave citizens while projecting the illusion of Liberty. As the character Benjamin Martin, from the film The Patriot, wondered, “Why should I exchange one tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants one mile away?” the dangers to Liberty are always present, despite the form of government. And although the principles that ultimately emerged from 1776, of limited government, were thankfully the right ones, there have always been those in the elite diligently working to reign in those freedoms recognized by the forefathers.

The citizens of Texas once enjoyed freedom unlike the world had ever seen as a state parner in the Union. In those times, states were able to fulfill their obligation to protect the interests of their citizens, even from overreaching federal powers. That eventually changed.

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