Lipstick Eyes Give Clue In “Most Bizarre” Case, Husband Arrested As Police Discover Plot

Sheriff Rick Staly discusses the intercepted plan to kill a pregnant woman which could have also harmed law enforcement.

A Florida man completely lost it and devised a complicated plan to murder his pregnant soon-to-be ex-wife. Thirty-two-year-old Michael Scott Wilson of Palm Coast broke into his wife’s home and set up a booby-trap that would have had an “80-100% chance of” killing or severely injuring with electrocution whoever came in contact with it.

The couple had been happy together with their one child until a few months ago when Wilson had a fall and experienced an injury that changed his personality. In November, “he was involuntarily committed to a mental health facility under a Baker Act.” During which time, he was diagnosed with an illness which has not been released.

On December 6, Wilson’s wife filed for divorce but was pregnant with their second child. The couple separated and she purchased security cameras and a gun. Wilson was unfortunately persistent. He contacted his wife near the end of December and tried to repair the relationship. She was, however, in Tennessee with her family, but invited him to join them.

Michael Scott Wilson came dangerously close to murdering his wife and

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