Los Angeles Attacks Businesses, Lawsuit Demands “Restitution” As Debt Makes Timing Seems Suspicious

Even Sanders (pictured), a man normally wrong on ALL issues, had a point.

As we drive the highways and byways of America, we pass countless truckers and think nothing of it. As they travel, their trailers filled to the brim with the items that we all need, they are such a common site that semis are not even noticed much any longer.  Sadly, it seems that their employers did not think much of them, either.

The U.S.A. Today is reporting that “Los Angeles filed three lawsuits against some of the busiest port trucking companies in the country Monday.” It has come to be known that workers were being “exploited” in a terrible manner that only helped the truckers sink into debt while the companies acting “disgracefully” made a mint in the process.

This abuse, this disgraceful exploitation has to stop,” declared City Attorney Mike Feuer.

LaBar (pictured) has no qualms about giving truckers a terrible deal that throws them into debt and robs them of their investment when they are ill.

Feuer alleged CMI Transportation, K&R Transportation, and California Cartage Transportation Express are said to “represent industry leaders that knowingly violate

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