Mayor Causes Muslim Uproar As Case Goes To Court, Liberals Claim “Attack” On Children

Beaucaire Mayor Julien Sanchez has opted to remove the halal choice for Muslim students as it gives special accommodations based on religion, a concept the French state cannot abide by.

It appears that not all of Western Europe is going to be lost to the political correctness plague that is haunting their society. Many have criticized the appeasement of the Western European governments in that they were doing too much to accommodate Muslim’s right whereas others are forgotten. Now a French Mayor of a small town is under fire for his decision to end the halal option for school lunches as it favors Muslims over secularism, his critics are radically saying he is abusing the Muslim children.

The idea used to be a simple one in that the church and state should be separated. This means that schools ran with money from the taxpayers were not allowed to promote or benefit any religions over others. The idea was spawned in France as Protestants and Catholics were at each other’s throats for some time and led to many wasted lives.

It was an idea that at its core remains noble to this day. No student should feel persecuted for their beliefs …

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