Mayor Plans “Very Powerful” Government To Eliminate Crucial Liberty In “Day-To-Day Reality”

The mayor of New York has his eye set on private property right, an American right that he wishes to abolish.

Only yesterday, the Conservative Daily Post covered the wastefulness of New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio. If he were only wasteful, that would make him a garden variety leftist, but sadly there is more. In fact, there is basically no inherent right that this man is not willing to infringe upon, a fact that many builders in the Big Apple are finding out the hard way.

The Daily Caller observes that the mayor has wanted a “planned economy,” far removed from the precepts of the fair market that made America burgeon in the past. The wants the government involved in a day to day basis with the population, much like a puppet master. As a matter of fact, such “planning” is what has communist Venezuela in such a pickle today. Having basically given himself a raise with his actions, he feels that the “legal protection of private property is what is causing serious inequality in the city.”

So how does any good leftist steal land from someone, in spite of the Consitution, …

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