Mississippi Bill Would End State Cooperation with Obamacare; Foundation to Nullify it in Practice

JACKSON, Miss. (Jan. 10, 2018) – A bill introduced in the Mississippi Senate would end all state support and cooperation with the implementation and administration of Obamacare. Passage of this bill would set the stage to bring down the federal health care act in Mississippi.

Sen. Michael Watson (R- Pascagoula) introduced Senate Bill 2175 (SB2175) on Jan. 9. The legislation would prohibit Mississippi state agencies, political subdivisions and corporations doing business with the state from enforcing any federal rules, acts, orders or regulations designed to give effect to the Affordable Care Act, and from providing material support to federal employees doing the same. It would also bar the use of any state assets or funds for the enforcement of such rules and regulations.

In addition to ending all state cooperation with the implementation and administration of Obamacare, SB2175 would also prohibit state expansion of Medicaid, an important part of the Obamacare plan.

Agencies or political subdivisions of the state in violation of the law would be barred from state grant funds. Employees of the state or its political subdivisions who knowingly violate the law would be permanently barred from working in a state or local government job. …

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