Mohler Damns Normal People to Hell

In an earlier article I began a look at Al Mohler’s diatribe from Berlin. Mohler’s article was a judgmental homily written after Charlottesville. In it, he cast aspersions on every white person who doesn’t want to see his or her nation given away to strangers. Mohler equated us with people who, in his mind, are synonymous with anti-Christian morality. Mohler went further and flatly stated that we pro-white advocates are outside of salvation and doomed to eternal torment.

The question I’d like to explore in this piece is, what is the logical and scriptural basis for this anathema? Whom exactly is Al Mohler tossing into the lake of fire in his article when he decries the Alt Right as a bunch of Christless heretics?

In a nutshell, Mohler doesn’t know who or what he’s talking about.

Let’s look at the key passages in which Mohler writes,

We must see claims of racial superiority–and mainly that means claims of white superiority–as heresy. That is not a word we use casually. Heresy leads to a denial of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the eclipse of the living God as revealed in the Bible. A claim of white superiority is not merely

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