New California, Here We Come!

Independence in California is getting another face-lift!

From time to time, the Texian Partisan has highlighted some of the independence movements coming out of the Golden State. We’ve focused on CALEXIT , a secession initiative that saw heightened interest in the wake of the 2016 election. Additionally, we recently covered the modern State of Jefferson, a movement that wants the North to separate from the rest of the state to maintain its political/cultural uniqueness and provide it better representation. However, a new independence movement has risen from obscurity to, last week, grace the headlines of many mainstream news outlets: New California.

The brainchild of Robert Paul Preston and Tom Reed, New California is unlike the CALEXIT effort, which hearkened to a Californian (and more progressive) identity in order to form a new nation separate from the United States. Instead, this movement has goals more in line with the State of Jefferson project, wishing to be the 51st state and appealing to a more agrarian and right-wing identity that is little represented in Sacramento. “The current state of California has become governed by a tyranny,” states the movement in their on-line declaration.

Therefore the United States

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