New York Bill Would Allow Common Core Opt Out

ALBANY, N.Y. (Jan. 11, 2018) – A bill introduced in the New York Senate would allow some students to opt out of Common Core Standards and testing, a small step toward nullifying nationalized education in the state.

If passed, the law would provide additional legal backing to some of the hundreds of thousands of New York parents who have already opted their kids out of standardized testing.

Sen. John Brooks (D-Seaford) introduced Senate Bill 7247 (S7247) on Jan. 5. The legislation would allow parents, legal guardians or school districts to opt children with an individualized education program out of the “Common Core standards” and certain associated testing. It reads as follows:

Any parent, legal guardian or school district may elect to opt a child with an established individualized education program (IEP) out of any standardized test, including the “common core standards”, or those tests administered pursuant to chapter one hundred three of the laws of two thousand ten. The school district shall be guided in its decision to exempt such child from such tests by the members of the committee which established the individualized education program.

The move would represent a small step toward reestablishing state, local …

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